Helicopter NYC: Enjoyable experience but went too quick

Visited back in October and we were lucky to have great weather with a perfectly clear day. The process to board was very smooth, helicopters were in pristine condition with lots of space. My mother was seated in the front and that was hilarious as she had never been on a helicopter before. The noises she was making amused us and the other other passengers. My only negative comment was that the trip was very short and it was over before it began.

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Helicopter New York City: What a trip!

First time in NY and we wanted to do everything :) this helicopter ride was the crowning glory of an excellent week. Crystal clear skies and fantastic views of manhattan, it isn’t the only way to see the city but its a really different way.

Worth every dollar, definitely do it again next time.

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New York Helicopter Tour – A good birthday gift

It was my brother’s birthday and he was on his vacation in New York, we are from Spain. So my mother and I decided to give him a helicopter flight that he really enjoyed.

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helicopter tour

my daughter and I had an amazing time on the helicopter tour,the sights were fantastic,it was my first time in new York and I got to see some lovely views from the sky…will definitely be back…and we had a lovely pilot too…:) love from marie and Nicola in ireland

Wow! The Ultimate New York Helicopter Tour!

I surprised my girlfriend with a helicopter ride on our recent trip to NY, we both absolutely loved it! We’ve both been to New York before and did all the tourist things last time but to see major landmarks from a helicopter point of view was amazing! The Ultimate Tour was just about right in flight time. I would definitely recommend it.

Family Helicopter Ride

Hello Helicopter New York City.

We had to reschedule our flight due to bad weather and were kindly provided with exact time needed. So next day we had the sun shining and a wonderful helicopter tour. It was interesting and exciting. Must say you have excellent friendly pilots and attentive stuff at your company.

Thank you so much from all my family.

New Yorker Helicopter Tour – Wonderful time

My experience was very nice, the staff is very professional, the driver did his job very well. My son enjoyed the travel very much.

Thank you for a wonderful time!