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IMPORTANT: Updated Booking Policies

  1. In these uncertain times we are waiving our reschedule fees for any bookings rescheduled prior to 10:00am the date of the flight.
  2. We have reduced our passenger minimum for flights departing from Linden Airport to 2 passengers. This minimum will also now be applied at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport.
  3. Bookings will need to be prepaid when made in advance unless invoicing is set up.
  4. At least one name, phone number and email will be requested per group to allow for contact tracing. If you do not wish to provide us this information please keep a record of this on your end so we can reach out to you.
New Health & Safety Policies

HeliNY’s number 1 priority is the health and safety of our passengers, pilots and employees. Very closely behind this is to offer the best helicopter tours of New York City! We will strive to make you feel safe so you can fully enjoy your experience!

To plan for our re-opening we have established NEW Health & Safety protocols in line with State & Federal Government directives. You can download our full policy document here! We also have a Youtube Video available for you: Click Here to View. The highlights of the policy are below!

The main changes to the customer experience are as follows:

  1. Masks must be worn at all times by staff and passengers throughout the whole experience.
  2. Passengers will be visibly checked for signs of illness. They will be asked about their recent history relating to Covid-19 symptoms, tests and exposure. If staff deem it appropriate, a touchless thermometer will be used to take a passenger’s temperature before boarding their flight. If a passenger’s temperature is above 100.4, there will be additional screening and the passenger may be refused service.
  3. Passengers will have doors opened for them to limit touch points.
  4. Staff will demonstrate how life preservers are worn; passengers will put their own life preserver on. Passengers will place their own belongings into complimentary lockers.
  5. Headsets will be provided without microphones and will be disinfected between flights. Passengers will have the option to use disposable earplugs if they prefer.
  6. HeliNY will minimize the number of passengers in our lobby to ensure social distancing can be followed. Passengers may be asked to wait outside.
Our commitment is to ensure limited close contact with passengers while providing a safe helicopter experience.

Our Cleaning Protocols

  1. Our helicopters will be disinfected before and after each flight. All high touch points such as life preservers, headsets, seat belts, seats and door handles will be thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Our lobby will be frequently cleaned and sanitized.
  3. All life preservers will be sanitized after each flight.
  4. Hand sanitizer will be available to all passengers.

These policies aim to mitigate the risk of transmission of Covid-19. These policies are subject to change to be in line with any updated state and federal policies.