The New Yorker Tour


per person
  • US$149
  • No trip to the Big Apple would be complete without seeing the iconic landmarks your pilot will show you on our 15 minute “New Yorker” package. You’ll get an amazing aerial view iconic New York City attractions like the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, and much more as you fly around Manhattan.
  • 15 Minutes

The Ultimate Tour


per person
  • US$199
  • Our BEST SELLING New York Helicopter Tours are our 18-20 minute “Ultimate” view of NYC’s most famous landmarks and tourist attractions. Your pilot will guide you through an amazing excursion above the Statue of Liberty, Empire State and Chrysler Buildings, Brooklyn Bridge, plus a fly-by view Central Park and midtown Manhattan!
  • 20 Minutes

The Deluxe Tour


per person
  • US$299
  • At approximately 30 minutes, our “Deluxe” package is not only our longest excursion around the city but our most comprehensive, as well. Your pilot will show you all the sights of our “New Yorker” and “Ultimate” packages and MORE. Come see all the Big Apple’s most iconic attractions, today.
  • 30 Minutes

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New York Helicopter Tours; an Experience of a Lifetime!

Sightseeing tours are one thing, but New York Helicopter Tours are in a special league of their own. Your helicopter ride around New York City will offer you a breathtaking experience that will literally allow you to see the city from a whole new perspective.

New York Helicopter Tours aircraft and pilot

Our Aircraft of Choice: A Bell 407

Ever wanted to see what the Brooklyn Bridge looks like from the sky? Helicopter rides in NYC are the ultimate way to check out your favorite New York City landmarks and spots from several thousand feet in the air. Ride the skyline with a flight around the Big Apple and see all the iconic imagery that makes the city that never sleeps so famous.

Seeing it from the air is nothing short of magnificent. An aerial trip around the five boroughs simply isn’t complete without seeing Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the rest of this world famous city from high above. Our spectacular flight will grant you a unique perspective on all of New York’s most beloved landmarks. No other Metropolis excursion can offer so much fun either!

Thanks to our new Bell 407 helicopters, you will also know that you are in an aircraft that has been specifically built for optimal visibility and sightseeing potential. The 180-degree view from inside the cabin means that you will see all that New York City has to offer!

Our new aircraft have generous legroom and amazingly comfortable leather seats making your ride nothing short of extraordinary! While  each one of our three packages offer a thrilling adrenaline rush, you can rest assured that your safety always comes first with us. Your trip with us will give you an aerial view of the city that will not only be simply unforgettable, but it will be undeniably safe as well.

Voted “Best Tour in NYC” by the Association of Hotel Concierges 3 years in a row!

180-degree panoramic views

Low rates as little as $149 per person

Safe and reliable Bell 407 helicopters

FAA certified pilots 

Private tours available

Looking for the perfect New York Valentine’s Day experience?

There’s a special time of day when the sun hits the glass buildings on the Hudson just right and gives them a magical orange glow. That’s just one of the romantic scenes you’ll see. See them all. Book now.